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Use Violet Flame to transform All Negatives into Positive Energy

  • Feeling Burdened by Life?
  • Want more energy?
  • Need help with a specific problem?
  • Need healing from a physical problem?
  • Weighed down by negativity?
  • Loose your temper and then regret it?

The violet flame is a gift from Saint Germain. Violet flame decrees produce healing, joy, wholeness and positive change in your life.

You are a great spiritual being who is having a physical experience on earth. Caught up in a materialistic, worldly consciousness, you might find yourself burdened by wrong choices you make walking your path of life.

What can you do? There is a solution –
It’s an easy one. But it’s up to you to make a difference in your life…

The Violet Flame is a spiritual flame, an invisible spiritual energy created when you invoke violet flame using decrees and mantras. You will notice a spiritual and physical difference when you regularly give violet flame prayers, mantras and decrees.

Improvements When
You Give Violet Flame Daily:

  • It revitalizes and invigorates you.
  • It can heal emotional and physical problems
  • It can improve relationships and make life easier
  • The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy
  • It is an effective tool for healing on all planes of being
  • The violet flame heals you because
  • It transforms negative thoughts and feelings with
  • A positive spin on everything.

What actually happens when you repeat a violet-flame mantra?

Here are two perspectives:

  1. The spiritual perspective as revealed by the Ascended Masters.
  2. The scientific perspective based on developments in physics and medicine. 
Both explanations involve the concept of vibration.

At a spiritual level, vibration is the rate of spin of the electrons as they move around the nucleus of the atom. 
In physics, vibration is the speed something moves back and forth, or oscillates. 
As you see, these definitions are very similar.

The violet flame works on your four lower bodies by changing the rate of their vibration. While you are here on earth you have four lower bodies, the envelopes of your soul:

(1) the physical body, which you can see and touch;
(2) the desire or astral body, which contains your emotions;
(3) the mental body, which is your conscious mind; and
(4) the etheric or memory body, which contains memories of your past lives.

How to Clean Up Negative Energy

The Masters offer the following explanation of how the violet flame cleans up stuck, negative energy.

An atom is mostly empty space. If an atom were the size of a basketball, its nucleus would still be too small for your eyes to see. 99.9% of the mass of the atom is concentrated in the nucleus, with the rest as empty space, inhabited solely by electrons, which weigh very little. 

All empty space in the atom is where discord and negative energy becomes stuck. It is as though someone takes a pail of molten tar and pours it over a barrel full of marbles. The space between the marbles gets gummed up by the tar, and soon the whole mass is welded together.

As your four lower bodies become clogged by negative energy, your vibrations (the spin of your electrons) slow down. You begin to resonate more with negativity and less with pure cosmic energy from your God Presence.

The more negative substance in your bodies, the lower your rate of vibration as you become more and more burdened. It is the difference in energy between a toddler and an eighty year old.

When karmic substance solidifies, it’s like the hardening of arteries. As you resonate with this substance, you become more and more negative unless you do something to turn yourself around.

If You Want to Change, Use Violet Flame!

Of all spiritual energies available for use, the violet flame is the closest to this physical plane. Because of this, the violet flame can combine:

  • with any molecule or molecular structure
  • with any particle of matter, known or unknown and
  • with any wave of light, electron or electricity.

The violet fire acts by transmuting everything and anything negative lodged anywhere in your being. After you invoke its action, the violet flame goes to work and passes through the clogged spaces between the electrons and the nuclei at the atomic level. It ejects and dissolves these particles of dense substance from your bodies.

The violet flame transmutes negative into positive energy and restores your energy to its native purity. It surrounds, removes and transforms negative vibrations into light.

Your vibrations is raised because there is less density within the cleansed atom and the electrons whirl faster and faster. You feel energized, happy, whole and balanced.

When you recite any violet-flame mantra, the violet flame permeates every cell and atom of your body, into your mind, your emotions, your subconscious and your memory.

  • You are the Master architect of your life
  • You can create a beautiful life
  • You can change what you don’t like by
  • Changing your karma and removing obstacles to your success.

Remove All Obstacles – Use Saint Germain’s Recipe for Success

You remove all obstacles by applying Saint Germain’s recipe for success. It’s a simple, effective four part recipe:
1)  You use the name of God “I AM THAT I AM” when you give violet flame decrees
2) You use the power of the Spoken Word
3) You invoke the violet transmuting flame to create positive change
4) You visualize where you want the light to go.

Violet Flame Saint Germain

The Ascended Master Saint Germain has given us the violet-flame mantra   “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!”

Before you give the manta see yourself bathed in the violet flame washing away all worries of the day, all things that burden you, all stress, discomfort, all problems at work, with people and all unresolved issues inside or outside yourself.

Breathe deeply. Now give this mantra out loud to invoke the violet flame and begin its cosmic action:

“I AM a Being of Violet Fire! I AM the purity God Desires.” (repeat 9x)

Here is a video clip with Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaching about this very mantra.

Testimonials to the Violet Flame

….I was shown … that I needed to forgive more fully my ex-husband, whom I had divorced more than seven years ago. Although I had made several overtures of forgiveness towards him, much bitterness and resentment still remained between us, harming not only ourselves but our children as well.

I started working on completely forgiving more and more each day, releasing the resentments and the pain. The more decrees that I gave, invoking the violet flame of freedom and forgiveness, the more joyful my life became, losing more and more of the shackles and dross…..

I thank God for you and for His showing me the way.

In Love, I AM

….As we continued to invoke the violet flame, it became intense and very physical, until I could feel the melting heat of the violet flame….
with love,

My story – The Greatest Gift You Can Experience

Our conference was being held in a hotel and few people were in attendance during this session. My spiritual leader, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, was leading violet flame decrees at the podium. I recall I was in my usual state of being distracted, attention wandering  and not focusing on the words and visualizations for the decree: “Radiant Spiral Violet Flame.” Suddenly I heard a rushing mighty wind with my inner ear. In that instant I realized not only does the violet flame have color and light, it also has sound (which the disciples heard so long ago).

I attribute hearing the sound of the violet flame to beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet, as she was the one leading decrees. It was her focus, attention and spiritual fire that gave me the experience. Now, I put my attention not only on visualizing the fire of the violet flame, but on hearing that sound.

The violet flame is the gift of the Holy Spirit from Saint Germain. You are intended to fill your bodies with the violet flame because you are to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit. Hearing, seeing and saying the violet flame will increase the response of heaven to your every request.

Violet flame decrees, prayers and mantras are intended to be used by anyone and everyone. If you knew you could change and improve your life in just 15 minutes daily giving the science of the spoken word as decrees to the violet flame, would you put that into practice? Learn to give the decrees and mantras to the violet flame and change your life.

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