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Heal and Transform Using Violet Flame Decrees

The Violet Flame can Penetrate Matter and Transform It! The high-frequency of the spiritual violet flame has the power to transmute, transform and change negative energy at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The violet light or flame is closest in vibration to the chemical elements in the physical universe and therefore has the greatest […]

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How to Use the Violet Flame to Heal

Use Violet Flame to Heal and Purify Visualize a stream of the violet flame light passing through, washing and healing every cell of your heart. Then visualize all the cells in your body being washed by the violet flame. All toxic accumulations are removed as each cell receives the currents of healing light  of the […]

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Use Violet Flame Healing

Violet Flame for Healing and Change The quickest way for violet flame healing to flush out disease is to apply the transforming light of the Violet Flame. The violet flame is the instrument of your personal Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord is the agent of God’s healing, while the sacred fire is the […]

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