How to increase your energy,
to attune with your higher self and
maintain your harmony . . .
When you create violet flame action in your life
You will increase your harmony. . .

Harmony is balance over all things.

Keeping your harmony means
you have greater and greater emotional control.
Harmony is the ability to see many sides of any sticky emotional problem.
Harmony is making the best and wisest choice of how to use your energy. . .

Violet Flame Cleanses all Misuse of God’s Energy

Because none of us have escaped misuse of God’s energy
we all benefit when we add the violet flame to
daily spiritual practice.

Forgotten Key to Violet Flame Action – Center in Your Heart

Essentially it is very simple:

  1. Center in your heart
  2. Protect yourself
  3. Visualize where you want the violet flame to go
  4. Give violet flame decrees.

Key to High Attunement –
Give Violet Flame Decrees

Fifteen minutes a day giving the violet flame without interruption 
gives you the greatest benefit.
Repeating a violet-flame mantra
anytime you feel tense, tired or irritated
can rapidly improve how you feel.

Use Violet Flame every day

I find the best time to give decrees is in the early morning – 
your day goes much smoother. 
You can make specific requests for 
violet flame transmutation of whatever 
mental, emotional or physical problems 
you are working on in your life.

First – Begin your violet flame session with a prayer
Before you begin violet flame, give a prayer or invocation and ask the
Ascended Masters, angels and elementals to come and help you.

Here is an example – say the words out loud for greatest effect:

In the name of my Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,
I call to angels of the Violet Flame, to St. Germain, 
to the elementals of fire, air, water and earth, 
to the angels and hosts of the Lord:
Be with me now, overshadow me and 
multiply these violet flame decrees as much as 
the great Law will allow. 
I accept this manifest according to the Holy Will of God.


  1. Center in your heart:
  2. visualize your three fold flame,
  3. your heart and
  4. your entire body surrounded
In violet flame.

Second – Invoke Protection of your Light

Any time you increase light in your world,
darkness is automatically drawn to it.
You need to seal your aura with
white and blue protective energy.
The best way to do this is to call for 
Tube of Light and
the protection of Archangel Michael.

Let’s give the Tube of Light decree.

As you give it,
SEE the dazzling white light
from the Presence of God above you,
forming an impenetrable wall of light around you.
Please stand while you give this mantra.
(Say these words out loud:)

Tube of Light Decree

Beloved I AM Presence bright,

Round me seal your Tube of Light

From Ascended Master flame

Called forth now in God’s own name.

Let it keep my temple free

From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire

To blaze and transmute all desire,

Keeping on in Freedom’s name

Till I AM one with the Violet Flame. (3x)

Protect Yourself Part 2
Archangel Michael, the Archangel of the first ray,
embodies qualities of faith, protection,
perfection and the will of God.

When you call to Archangel Michael and his legions of angels,
they will immediately be at your side.
Archangel Michael 
protects you from darkness and 
will seal you against negative energies.

Your prayer to Archangel Michael can be very simple.
A call you can give to Archangel Michael right now.
See him and his angels surrounding you:
“Archangel Michael, Help me! help me! help me!” (3x).Use Visualizations to Assist and Increase your Spiritual Work
One thing I didn’t understand 
when I first
embraced the teachings is the
importance of using visualization
when giving decrees.

Every time you visualize and see the decree,
you magnify and increase its effectiveness.
I hope this little key will help you make faster progress than me.

When you close your eyes, concentrate and
see the violet flame at work with your inner eye.

The violet flame looks like fire, in colors
ranging from dark 
indigo and brilliant amethyst to violet pink.

violet flame decreesTwo Visualizations to Increase Violet Flame Action

Please close your eyes and see these pictures in your mind’s eye:

A Violet Flame Pillar
See yourself surrounded by a violet-flame pillar
six feet in diameter and nine feet high.
It extends from beneath your feet
to well over the top of your head.

See the violet flame come to life as if you were looking at a movie.

The flames rise and pulsate around you
in different shades of purple, pink and violet.

Around this violet-flame pillar,
Visualize your Tube of Light,
an even bigger pillar of white light
that protects and seals the violet flame pillar.

Keep this visualization in mind
while you decree and throughout the day.

Every time you think of it, you strengthen this image.

Healing Through Whirling Violet Flame Spheres
This can help heal your four lower bodies.

As you give a violet-flame decree,
a large sphere of violet light forming around you.

As you give the decree faster,
see the sphere begin to whirl.
See it spin faster and faster.

See violet-flame spheres over each organ in your body.

See violet flame spheres removing all darkness and
consuming it instantly.
See the violet flame perfecting your organs.

Ask your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self and
violet-flame angels
to sustain these violet-flame spheres around you throughout the day.
Reinforce your request with periodic revisualizing of the spheres.

Keys for How to Give Decrees

Begin your Violet Flame Decree with a Preamble

The preamble is an invitation.
You lovingly ask violet-flame beings,
Ascended Masters and angels
for their help and guidance.

Here is an example of a preamble:

“In the name of my beloved mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, 
I call to beloved Saint Germain and the angels of the seventh ray, to
 beloved Guru Ma and Lanello.

I ask my decrees be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and I accept it done this hour in full power, according to the will of God.”

Start slowly, then Allow the Decree to Naturally Increase in Speed

The first time you give a decree, repeat it slowly and deliberately. 
Endow each word with intense love for God and 
Visualize the words as you give them.

Here is Elizabeth Clare Prophet leading a violet flame decree.

Violet Flame Mantra with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Use Violet Flame to
Heal Past Life Records

After you have been giving the violet flame for some time, 
you may begin recalling past lives.

Do not take this lightly.
When you become aware of that life,
the karma of that 
past life comes to the surface.

If the records are painful, and they usually are
because your soul is crying out for resolution,
you may feel sadness or regret.

Make calls to violet-flame angels everyday
to transmute the karmic debris,
all negative karma from that life.

Do not attempt to suppress these memories.
Recall the memory and see it as 
saturated with the violet flame until it disappears.
Then let go of the memory and let a bright white sun 
replace it in your mind’s eye.

The Eraser Visualization for
Transmuting Past Karmic Records

Every time you see those scenes, 
visualize a giant eraser, like a giant violet chalkboard eraser 
rubbing away the picture.

There are two elements you transmute
when you 
use the violet flame to
deal with past karmic records.

  • The first is the emotional and soul memory of the events.
    This includes all energy tied up in negative thoughts or feelings.
  • The second is the karmic energy that binds you 
to those you have hurt or 
to those who have hurt you.

Past life records are like files on your computer.
You need to erase the negative records and memories
in order to make room for the positive.

As you do this through the violet flame,
you free your soul to move on to higher levels.

Don’t feel burdened by the negative record of a past life.

We have all made mistakes in the past or we wouldn’t be here today. 
Forgive yourself and move on.

As you transmute records of your past karma, you are liberated.

This is how you take command of your destiny.

Expand Violet Flame Action to Clean up World Karma

Clean up karmic debris in 
your house, 
your neighborhood and 
the planet.

The violet flame action dissolves your own karma.
It dissolves group or planetary karma 
wars, injustice and earth changes.

You can add the violet flame to your daily spiritual practice.

Thousands of people all over the world have
transformed their lives with this miracle solvent,
the highest gift of God to the universe,
The Violet Flame.

. . . is A sacred cosmic formula: 
God’s Law active as principle within your being.

TRY the violet flame
see what changes in your life. . .