opprtunity through Violet Flame

Saint Germain On Spiritual Alchemy 

with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Saint Germain shows there is a tremendous spiritual alchemy in the violet flame. Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the most powerful way to release the result of your violet flame meditation – a dynamic decree.


Saint Germain on Early Alchemy

The early alchemists communed with elemental life and began their first steps in alchemy through concentrating on the mastery of earth, water, air, fire and ether by the threefold flame of the heart.

According to Saint Germain, the early alchemists who were initiates of the Great White Brotherhood knew they were dealing with the power of the Trinity times the Trinity, as Above so below, symbolized in the six-pointed star of David.

In their experiments they sought to imitate the works of Christ.

These practitioners of the ‘All-Chemistry’ (alchemy) of God were holistic as they meditated on the principles of cosmic law as well as the mysteries behind such demonstrations as turning the water into wine, multiplying the loaves and fishes, raising the dead, perfecting the elixir of life, changing base metals into gold, or repairing flaws in gemstones.

The Spiritualization of Matter

For them alchemy is the spiritualization of Matter, whose accomplishment would signify that as Above so below, they had entered the mind of the Great Alchemist who had created both the physical and spiritual universe.

They sought the self-realization of the inner man of the heart and the perfecting of the physical matrix according to the Divine Image.  Their desire was to achieve immortality in the footsteps of Christ through the control of physical and spiritual forces.

They were keepers of the flame of the science of the spoken Word and the religion of the sacred fire which had been practiced on Lemuria and Atlantis.  Their vision was one of the union of science and religion.
Adapted from St. Germain on Alchemy. 1985. Summit Publications, Inc.

“Rub the Violet Flame Lamp and See What Happens

So you will decide whether the violet flame shall be for you the point of the springboard of your victory!

So you will decide whether this vessel of chakras shall now be the seven openings for the flame of violet fire to pass through as you allow yourself to be Krishna’s flute!

So you will decide what the violet flame will be as the x factor in the turning around of your life, your economy, your outlook!

Everything that happens to you in this world can be altered by the violet flame!  Only you can decide. The violet flame sea is in place. Omri-Tas is in place. We, Elohim of the Seventh Ray, saturate the earth daily with violet flame dew.

So, beloved hearts, you will decide whether the waters under the earth, whether the earth itself, whether all this pollution that is killing wildlife and killing the bodies of human beings shall be transmuted or whether it shall not. For somehow this human mind that carries the cast of the dweller-on-the-threshold and the not-self does not quite believe, even in the minds and hearts of chelas, that the violet flame can do everything–everything that you need to have done.”
Arcturus and Victoria. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 36 No. 30.

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Saint Germain On Alchemy

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