Violet Flame Invocation

Experience the violet flame through Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s teaching on

How to Use the Violet Flame Daily.

Beloved Oromasis tells us:

The violet flame is the key to the restoration of this planet, to the healing of all your ailments, to your supply and the multiplication thereof!

It simply requires more use and momentum and a fervor in your heart that knows this is the promise of God. It will not be denied to anyone—not to sinner, not to the lowest form of life that you might not even deign to speak to. There is no one in the earth, no matter what classification, no matter what crimes they have committed, no matter how they have sinned against God or elemental life or the animal kingdom—there is no one who cannot come into his own God-realization by the persistent use of the violet flame.

No matter how gross the violations of the law of God, if that one turn around and face the fire of the Central Sun and give those decrees daily, he will accomplish the purification and the neutralization of the negative forces of his being and become a positive force in the earth. This is the message I ask you to carry to every poor lost soul, every drug addict, everyone who is so imbalanced that they cannot even put the forces of their mind together to repeat the simple mantra “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!”
“I don’t care if you whistle the violet flame, sing the violet flame, jump and dance the violet flame, do circle dances to all of your music to the violet flame, create new music to the violet flame decrees. Whatever you do, make games out of it. Do marathons out of it.

Whatever it is, beloved ones, you have to get busy with exciting and innovative methods to bring that violet flame into every area of your life and to bring it there at the point where it counts with the science of the spoken Word, your word, your tongue and your chakras.”

Adapted from Oromasis. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 47 No. 49

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