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How to Use Violet Flame Mantras to Heal the Planet, You, Your Family and Elemental Life

Violet Flame Mantras for Healing the Earth

with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Learn a violet flame mantra. The art of visualization and the science of the spoken word is practical spirituality in action. See the violet flame acting in your world.

viole-flame-earth1Violet Flame Earth

Oh Violet Flame, Come Violet Flame

O Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
                    Now blaze and blaze and blaze!
O Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
                    To raise and raise and raise!

(Repeat above verse between the following endings):

1. The earth and all thereon (3x)
2. The children and their teachers (3x)
3. The plants and elemental creatures (3x)
4. The air, the sea, the land (3x)
5. Make all to understand (3x)
6. Bless all by Omri-Tas’ hand (3x)
7. I AM, I AM, I AM the fullness of God’s Plan fulfilled right now and forever (3x)

The violet flame is more than violet light. It is an invisible spiritual energy that can produce healing and wholeness, joy and positive changes in your life. It appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision.

The violet flame has many purposes:

  • It revitalizes and invigorates you.
  • It can heal emotional and physical problems
  • It improves relationships and makes life easier.

Violet flame mantras change negative energy into positive energy, making it an effective tool for healing. 
Disease can be rooted in mental, emotional and/or spiritual states. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for healing.

You have four bodies that are envelopes of your soul:

  1.  the physical body, which you can see and touch;
  2.  the desire, or astral, body, which contains your emotions;
  3.  the mental body, which is your conscious mind;
  4. the etheric, or memory body which contains memories of all your past lives.

Use violet flame mantras on these four lower bodies to change the rate of their vibration.

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