Let the violet singing flame sing in your heart!


And may you also take up other disciplines in which the violet flame shall assist you, following the instructions that Saint Germain has given you for a scientific path of adeptship.


(You can use the violet flame as meditation.)
I ask you to look for ways and means [to accomplish the task], for


the violet flame is an ingenious flame and the minds of many ingenious ones have used it for many purposes.


I ask you to devise, then, ingenious means whereby you can


  • teach children and people of all ages
  • to sing to the violet flame,
  • to [march and] clap and dance and
  • even square dance to the violet flame!


As long as it is with a mighty rhythm and an action of the correct time, beloved,
you can use the violet flame in
all sorts of occupations,
all sorts of sports and physical exercises.


Restore Your Heartbeat to the Threefold Time of the Waltz


Cannot the mind act?


Do we not see athletes and runners wearing headsets?


  • Let them hear and know the violet flame.
  • Let them run to the rhythm of it!
  • Let their heartbeats be restored to the action of the threefold time of the waltz in violet flame.


Yes, beloved, there are many physical activities that can be accompanied by joyous shouts of the violet flame and songs not yet written down.


There is, therefore, activity in everyone’s daily life that can be combined with the violet fire.


Let it be a joyous flame, a marching flame, a singing flame, a waltzing flame, a hopping, skipping flame!


All the [chores] that were previously drudgery, let them become spinning wheels of light.


Adapted from Omri Tas. Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 65


Violet Flame Meditation with Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Oh, Violet Flame
Come, Violet Flame….


Come, Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
Now blaze and blaze and blaze!
Come, Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
To raise and raise and raise!
The earth and all thereon. (3x)


Come, Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
Now raise and raise and raise!
Come, Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
To blaze and blaze and blaze
The plants and elemental creatures (3x)


I AM a being of Violet Fire.
I AM the Purity God desires.


I AM THAT I AM (3x) …  [meditation continues]


Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst Crystal


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