Secrets of Violet Flame Decree Mantra

  • The violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy that appears violet to those with developed spiritual vision.
  • Saints and adepts have used the violet flame to accelerate their spiritual development.
  • It’s the highest gift of God to our universe.

How to Use the Violet Flame Decrees and Mantras

The violet flame is practical and easy to use.

  • Find a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Sit comfortably in a chair with your spine and head erect, legs and arms uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands on your upper legs, with palms facing upwards.
  • You give violet flame invocations through decreeing, a unique form of spoken prayer combining visualization and meditation.

One of the simplest violet flame decree mantra is:

I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!

  • Take a few, slow deep breaths and center in your heart.
  • Start out slowly, giving the decree with love, devotion and feeling. Repeat the decree three or nine times. Repeating the decree strengthens its power and draws down more light.
  • Once you are familiar with the decree, close your eyes while giving it and concentrate on visualizing the violet flame.

Violet Flame Visualization:

  1. See yourself before a large bonfire, about nine feet high and six feet wide.
    Color it and see the flames pulsating and undulating in endless shades of violet with gradations of purple and pink.
    See yourself step into the flame.
    See your body as transparent, with the flames curling up from beneath your feet, passing through and around your body, up over your head.
  2. You may see the violet flame with your inner eye, the spiritual chakra between your eyebrows.
  3. The violet flame will help everyone. Say a prayer before you start, then visualize the violet flame around family and friends while you give the decree.
  4. After you finish decreeing, say:
    “In the name of the Christ within me, I ask this violet flame be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and accept it done according to the Will of God.”
  5. Even a few minutes of violet flame will produce results. Persistence is needed to  change age-old habits.
  6. Start out with a few minutes of violet flame in the morning to help you through the day. You can add the violet flame to any spiritual path you currently practice.

Violet Flame Decree Mantra 70.11:

I AM the Violet Flame 
(give 3 times)

I AM the violet flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
Freeing every one

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