Have you ever felt unable to move forward because you keep going over and over a scene in your head? You had an argument with someone you love, or someone said very harsh words to you which left you feeling bereft. And that situation is repeating in your head….

What do you do when you can’t forget?

Do you try and forget about what upset you? But then you find you can’t fall asleep because it just revolves around and around and won’t go away.

Here is a simple solution: Forgive that person and the situation right now….

You have to let go of the hurt and unhappiness so you can move on free from that emotion that is burdening you. The easiest thing I have found is to forgive.

Say in your mind or out loud: “I forgive you.” And really do let it go. Just let it go…

Here is a wonderful Prayer for forgiveness:

The Violet Flame Prayer for Forgiveness

Give this out loud for maximum effect:
“I send forgiveness to all whom I have ever wronged and to all who have ever wronged me.”

I AM Forgiveness acting here, 

Casting out all doubt and fear, 

Setting men forever free 

With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power

For Forgiveness every hour;

To all life in every place

I flood forth forgiving Grace. (repeat 3 or more times.)

Teresa’s Story of Forgiveness with the Violet Flame Prayer

A woman named Teresa experienced how decrees for forgiveness could bring remarkable changes in her life and in the lives of those she forgave. One day she began a daily routine of forgiveness decrees. Soon acquaintances began calling to apologize for what they had done twenty years before. Her sister called to tell her that she had finally been able to forgive an old wrong. And the benefit landed even closer to home—with Teresa’s ex-husband and children.

It had been seven years since Teresa’s divorce, but she still felt bitterness and resentment that she knew were hurting herself, her ex-husband and their children.
“I started working on completely forgiving more and more each day,” she said, “releasing the resentments and the pain.” The results were immediate. The more decrees I gave, invoking the violet flame and forgiveness, the more joyful my life became.

Her decrees seemed to affect her ex-husband too. He asked his children to forgive him for not being there when they were younger. He told them he had made statements about Teresa that were untrue and he apologized for the pain he had caused them. This is truly a miracle of unprecedented proportions, Teresa said.

So one woman’s forgiveness was able to heal an entire family and also bring her to a point of happiness.

Truly, you are the greatest beneficiary of your own forgiveness.

When you forgive, you must also forgive yourself. Sometimes this is the hardest task of all.

Find Your Inner Peace through Forgiveness

When you give violet flame prayers for forgiveness, you reestablish your oneness with your Christ Self, who is your Higher Self.

Every wrong you have done to others and every grudge you hold separates you from God, from your inner peace and happiness.

How to Use a Violet Flame Decree with Visualization

Before you give the forgiveness decree, say a simple prayer:
“I send forgiveness to all whom I have ever wronged and to all who have ever wronged me.”

Think of the incident you have felt you could never get over. Allow yourself to feel the anger welling up inside of you. Then begin the decree, saying the words of this prayer out loud:

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace. (repeat 3 or more times).

See a deep-pink flame of love enveloping that anger. Then see it mixing with the violet flame that already surrounds you. Visualize the violet flame transmuting that anger. Then see the flame of forgiveness, deep pink, violet and purple, expanding in your heart and whirling, swirling in a spiral.

See the violet flame becoming spheres of light that go forth from your heart. Watch these spheres sprout wings, and fly from your heart toward the hearts of those you need to forgive.  Study the first picture and see those winged spheres of violet flame flying forth from your heart.

Each time you give the decree, repeat this visualization. See the spheres going farther and farther from you. Send them to everyone you can think of.

If it is yourself you need to forgive, see the sphere of violet energy bursting like reworks over the memory of everything you wish you hadn’t done or said. See the violet energy erasing and dissolving all your thoughts and feelings tied up in those actions and words. Put all your blame, shame and sense of guilt into the violet fire.

Forgive Often

It’s a good idea to do the decree for forgiveness at least once every twenty-four hours.
You will find the memories of negative events lose their emotional charge as the energy is liberated that went into the negative experiences. The more recent negative events will begin to recede from your mind as they are transmuted. Then events from the past will recede as they are transmuted, leaving you free to move forward with your life.

Use This Violet Flame Tool as soon as you Feel Anger/Negative Emotion:

  1. As soon as the feelings of anger start, immediately stop, take a breath and say:
    “I call upon the Violet Flame to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of these feelings of anger Now!”
  2. Next give out loud a few violet flame decrees: “I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires (3-9x).”
  3. Now visualize all your feelings of anger going into the blazing violet flame.
  4. Take another breath and these feelings of anger will have been transmuted and feel much less powerful than they did only seconds before.
  5. The karma you could have directed towards someone has been stopped in its track! You took immediate action and empowered yourself because you did not give in and express anger.
  6. Congratulations, but you are not done!
  7. Now raise your energy to a high vibrational emotion. Redirect your thoughts to something that makes you feel joy! Something that makes you smile from ear to ear.
  8. If you desire to create a positive, joyful existence, transmute all negative emotions as quickly as you can. Positive thoughts and emotions attract positive experiences!

Use this technique for every negative emotion.

Whenever you experience a negative emotion, immediately use the Violet Flame to transmute and change your energy.

You will notice after repeated use your life is changing for the better because you are raising your energetic frequency.

Remember the law of attraction. What you put out, you attract back to you. Use the violet flame to create the life you desire and to be the fullness of the best person you can be.

It is entirely possible to live your life feeling harmonious, no matter what happens. All those irritations are just tests to see if you can stay balanced.

Give your self the gift of the violet flame every day. You will find yourself change over time. And you will never have to feel sorry again!

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