Greetings everyone! It is a joy to be sharing how invoking violet flame creates change in your life.

This is an opportunity to share

A Spiritual Key which has brought thousands great happiness. . .

I look forward to experiencing with you the joyful energy of the Violet Flame.

What are you looking for most of all?
You probably really want both
material comfort and perfect well-being. . .

What if you had a secret key to help you gain all this…
happiness, good health, harmony, 
contentment, loving relationships and an abundant life 
with beauty and comfort around you?

Invoking Violet Flame has the ability to bring ALL gifts into your life. . . 

When you invoke violet flame
and add it to your spiritual practices. . .

It will enable you to be more successful in all aspects of your life
It will help you feel better about yourself as
  • It improves the quality of your life.

The violet flame can help you
live longer, 
be healthier, feel joy, lightness,
hope and newness of life!

The goal is
to experience this wonderful violet flame,
to understand what it is and how it works,
to try it out,
to get a glimpse of 
how it can increase your health, happiness and wholeness.

You will have the opportunity to experiment with the violet flame
After using it for a time you will find out for yourself whether it helps you.

I first learned about Violet Flame invocations 
when I began to study the teachings of the ascended masters 
given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Mrs. Prophet has taught many people worldwide 
how to change their lives using the violet flame.

She explained the violet flame has many purposes. 
It revitalizes and invigorates you. 
It can heal emotional and physical problems. 
It can improve relationships and make your life easier.

Most important of all, the violet flame changes any negative energy into positive energy.

Today we understand more than ever before how disease can be rooted in your mental, emotional and spiritual states. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for healing.

The violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy that appears violet to those with developed spiritual vision.

To begin with I’d like to share with you

How the violet flame helped a friend of mine. . .

Barbara first began giving violet-flame decrees out of a sense of desperation.

Ever since she was a teenager, she felt depressed during the month of January, and each year seemed worse than the last.

“In January I just wanted to crawl under my bed and not come out,” she says.

Barbara’s sister, who had been giving the violet flame for many years, assured her the violet flame would help cure her January funks.

Barbara began giving violet flame decrees. She didn’t think she was accomplishing much.

Suddenly she had a startling confirmation something was happening. She was in her office at home and the rest of the family was in the basement.

Her children didn’t know she was giving Violet Flame Mantras. 
Her eight-year-old son, Nathan, started calling her. She came out to see what he needed. He stared at her. “Mom! Your hair—it’s purple!”

She looked at her hair. It still looked blonde to her.
“Really?” she said. “Yes!” he answered.

Later she asked him if he really saw purple.
“I saw purple all around you, Mom,” he said.

As she continued giving Violet Flame mantras during the next few days, Nathan told her everyone in the house and all of the rooms looked purple.

She decided he must be a child who is able to see into the spiritual world and 
she shared the secret of violet flame mantras with him.

He asked her to do them in his room while he was going to sleep. 
He soon memorized some and began giving them himself.

Not only did the violet flame transform her home, 
it also transformed her state of mind. 
Even though she was unemployed and low on money, she was happy.

“I could have felt so depressed,” she recalls, “but the violet flame helped me psychologically and helped us to keep the harmony in our home.”

By March she had found a job she loved. Two years later she is still giving her violet-flame mantras.

violet flame invocationThis is a portrait of you and God with you 

The Chart of Your Divine Self

You want to see this as being you right now. . .

There are three parts to your Divine Self:

The Upper figure is your I AM Presence, God individualized in you.

The spheres surrounding the I AM Presence are wheels of fire. 
The Bible tells us our God is a consuming fire.

And what does that fire consume?

It consumes the miscreation of your lesser self, your human self.
When you allow your lesser self to be consumed,
then you become who you truly are.

The easiest and quickest way to consume your lesser self is by invoking violet flame. . .

The middle figure represents your Holy Christ Self, also called your Higher Self. 
The goal of any spiritual path is to unite with your Holy Christ Self.

That person of the Christ is your Real Self, not only of Jesus, but also of you and of me. The light of Christ is the same energy 
within Jesus, within me, and within you. . .

All of us fell from the state of being one with our Christ Self many lifetimes ago 
because of misuse of the energy of God. . .

You create karma and 
have to keep returning to this plane 
to balance and clean up that karma. . .

The lower figure represents you on the spiritual path surrounded by the violet flame.

The violet flame is the supreme antidote for emotional and physical problems.

This spiritual fire can change inharmonious thoughts and feelings–
stress, anger, depression–into a positive and centered disposition.

It will increase mental clarity.

The violet flame will make you happy with yourself!

But know this:
The power of the violet flame will remain sealed in your Higher Self until
you summon it by the Science of the Spoken Word. . .