Use the science of the spoken word.
Give this short violet flame decrees:

“I AM a being of Violet Fire
I AM the purity God desires.”

The magic of the violet flame is how it changes you.
As you change, your world changes.
You get more light and energy flowing into your life.

You begin the process of clearing the debris 
around your chakras and 
every molecule of your body when you
give violet flame decrees and mantras.

Whenever you give violet flame decrees or mantras
there are two primary actions:

  1. you say the words as
  2. you visualize the decree going to work.

If you are able to do this,
you increase the action of this mighty spiritual work.

While invoking violet flame, visualize as much as you can.
As you work at visualization, you will get better at it.

SEE yourself surrounded by violet flame.
See yourself and your chakras flooded with the cleansing violet flame. 
The violet flame begins to consume all worries, 
all roadblocks, 
all emotional burdens you are ready to surrender.

Say this out loud:
“I AM a Being of Violet Fire.
I AM the Purity God desires.”
(Repeat several times slowly as you visualize its action.)

How to Use
Violet Flame Decrees Daily

The Violet Flame purifies, cleanses and balances your chakras. The chakra colors shown in this picture are
the chakras in their highest and purest vibrational state.

The Primary Action of Violet Flame Decrees is Transmutation

To “transmute” is to alter – to change something into a higher form.

Here you see white light passing through a prism and refracted into seven colors.

Spiritual light also manifests as seven colors or rays.

Each of these seven rays 
has a specific frequency or vibration 
released into your world through the corresponding chakras.

Violet Flame is the Most Physical of all Seven Spiritual Rays 

It is the closest ray to the physical world.

It can combine 
with physical matter, 
with any molecule or particle of matter, 
wave of light, electron or electricity.

The violet flame is an antidote 

. . .for food poisoning, chemical waste, 
toxins and pollution of drugs in the body.

The violet flame is like a spiritual soap 
washing us clean the same way soap gets dirt out of clothes.

When you recite violet flame decrees, it transmutes every negative

. . .lodged anywhere in your spiritual or physical being, 
everything from 
self-hatred to 
physical viruses.

This reminds me of the story of Jean. . .
She was having trouble with a co-worker. 
It seems this person didn’t like her. 
The co-worker didn’t think Jean could do anything right. . . 
She was negative and unfriendly.
Jean tried everything to improve the relationship and
nothing seemed to make a difference until. . .

she started giving violet flame mantras and decrees.
After a time of giving violet flame, 
the inharmony and difficulties in their relationship resolved. . .
Jean attributes this to her use of the violet flame.

In times past the violet flame was available
only to those 
who had passed difficult initiations
secret societies and mystery schools.

Adepts use violet flame decrees to accelerate their spiritual development. 

It was not until the 1930’s that the violet flame was made available to anyone.

The great gift of the violet flame was brought to us by
the ascended master Saint Germain.

Saint Germain saw the many challenges we face on earth—
wars, pollution, man’s inhumanity to man and
the weight of personal karma every one of us carries.

St. Germain went before the spiritual overseers of our planet.
He proposed the knowledge and use of the violet flame 
be made available to everyone.

He told these august beings and explained

The Violet Flame would Revolutionize Mankind and make them God-Free Beings. 

For collateral he offered all violet flame
he had garnered in his being and chakras.

They agreed to St. Germain’s plan with this stipulation:
First, the violet flame would be released in 
a pilot project to a small group of devotees.
If they used it honorably for the blessing and freedom of life,
then the knowledge of the violet flame was to be released to everyone. 
This project was a success.

Saint Germain states the violet flame is more valuable to you 
than all the wealth, all the gold, and all the jewels of the this planet. 
Do you understand why?

The violet flame is a gift to everyone. 

Anyone can use it no matter
their age, nationality or religion.

The violet flame accelerates:

  • the functioning of your mind
  • rejuvenates your body
  • helps you accomplish work at a higher rate and faster pace.

The more you give the violet flame
the more it frees you from any limiting conditions.

Everyone who Uses Violet Flame will Benefit

Everyone who uses violet flame will improve their life.

The Ascended Master Omri-Tas, 
A master of the violet flame
emphasizes this point.

Omri Tas said:
“no one in the earth,
no matter what classification,
no matter what crimes they have committed,
no matter how they have sinned against God or 
elemental life or the animal kingdom,
there is no one who cannot come into his own God-realization by 
the persistent use of the violet flame 

no matter how gross the violations of the law of God.”

Knowledge of the violet flame and
the spiritual laws utilized
to bring its transmuting light 
into your life can compared to
following a recipe to bake a favorite cake.

You use a recipe because you
know you will get consistent results.

The spiritual formulas of the ascended masters
bring the same results.

If you follow them, 
you save time, energy and
avoid making too many mistakes.

You don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances –
whatever situation you find yourself in 
always has to do with karma.
You can change what you don’t like by
changing your karma and
removing obstacles to your success.

You do this by applying

Saint Germain’s Formula

. . .his recipe for success.

It’s easy. 
It does take time…
However, the life-changing results
you achieve 
will far exceed the time 
you invest to achieve them.

It’s simple and effective.

Here are the ingredients for a successful outcome:
1) You use the name of God “I AM that I AM” many times
when you give violet flame mantras.
“I AM a being of Violet Fire,
I AM the purity God desires.”

(I AM the Violet Fire above as I am the Violet Fire below.)
2) You use the power of the Spoken Word to call down
3) the violet transmuting flame into your world and 
bring positive change and
4) You visualize where you want the light to go.

I challenge you to experiment with the violet flame.

Find out for yourself what it could do for you.

Try doing it each day at a specific time—
first thing in the morning is a good time.

Or after the day’s events to 
clean and
clear your chakras and consciousness.
Give violet flame decrees for 
5, 10 or 15 minutes for two weeks.

Let me know how it goes for you. . .