The Violet Flame can Penetrate Matter and Transform It!

You begin to transform using violet flame when you give violet flame decrees. This wonderful spiritual flame has the power to transmute, transform and change negative energy at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The violet light or flame is closest in vibration to the chemical elements in the physical universe. It therefore has the greatest ability to interpenetrate and transform matter. When you begin to give violet flame, the transforming power of violet flame starts. When the violet flame interpenetrates matter, matter changes for the better… Matter appears dense but is actually whirling particles separated by space. Matter can be converted into energy, and energy into matter. Energy/matter cannot be created or destroyed but can only change form. When you make conscious use of violet flame, matter changes form the fastest because of its high frequency spiritual energy.

Focus the Violet Flame into Your Problems

When you use spoken prayer, the science of the spoken word as decrees, to focus the violet flame into problems in your life, you can experience resolution and freedom from past limitation and negative karma. With decrees you transform using violet flame… Here is a prayer for you to use.

Say the following words out loud for the greatest effect.

Prayer to Direct a Concentrated Ray of Violet Flame:

“I call forth violet flame for the blessing of myself and the planet… I understand that within one hour of giving violet flame decrees, the violet flame can transmute a particular programmed momentum of an entire embodiment. Using an action of Light like a violet flame laser beam directed into my electronic belt, my consciousness can change… I call for my Holy Christ Self to direct a concentrated ray of the violet flame from my heart, from my soul and  mind, from the momentum of my aura and from the Great Central Sun Magnet of the seventh ray to dissolve these momentums. And let this very same wavelength of human discord found in my own subconscious momentums be consumed for my relatives, as well as those of similar genetic strains, national traits, geographical and economic influences. I call for this to manifest according to the will of God.” Adapted from Lanello. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 29 No. 11.

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