Violet Flame Prayer to Free Energy

For the fiat of Almighty God has gone forth, and it is cosmic law:

The call compels the answer!

But the call is a very special call. . .

It is the command of your Real Self,
your own true being,
the mediator between the I AM Presence and your soul.

Thus you declare:

“In the name of the Christ Self and in the name of the living God,
I call forth the energies of the sacred fire
from the altar within my heart.

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM,
I invoke the violet flame to blaze forth
from the center of the threefold flame,
from the white-fire core of my own I AM Presence,
multiplied by the momentum of
the blessed Ascended Master Saint Germain.
I call forth that light
to penetrate my soul and
to activate my soul memory of freedom and
the original blueprint of my soul’s destiny.

I call forth the violet transmuting flame to
pass through my four lower bodies and
through my soul consciousness
to transmute the cause and core of
all that is less than my Christ-perfection,
all that is not in keeping with
the will of God for my lifestream.

So let it be done by the cloven tongues of
the fire of the Holy Spirit in
fulfillment of the action of
that sacred fire as above, so below.
And I accept it done
this hour in the full power of
the living God who even now
declares within my soul,

Keys to Violet Flame Prayer

Wherever you are, as you read my words
you can begin to experience
the marvelous action of the violet flame fire
coursing through your veins,
penetrating the layers of the physical temple–
the bloodstream,
the nervous system,
the brain–
pressing through the chakras,
swirling through the etheric body,
passing over the pages of the written record
of your incarnations on earth.

Line by line,
letter by letter,
the flame–intelligent, luminous,
directed by the mind of God–
sets free the energies, electron by electron,
of all past misuses of the sacred fire.
And thus not one jot or tittle of
the law of karma shall pass
until all be fulfilled in
the freedom of the violet fire.

If you would have the benefit of this miraculous energy,
if you would be visited by the genie of
the lamp of freedom,
the Master Saint Germain himself,
you have but to make the call.
Adapted from El Morya. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 18 No. 6.