Alchemy of the Violet Flame
Use it to Balance Your Karma

You are a powerful spiritual being and you can vastly improve your circumstances.  Karma affects you every day. Karma is the law of cause and effect. This universal law of returning karma is a law of Love. The Law of Karma includes reincarnation, the concept you have lived before. You balance karma when you call forth the violet flame.

Karma determines the quality of your life, your relationships and what you do in life. By virtue of the choices you make today, you influence the outcomes you will experience tomorrow and on into the future.

Violet Flame Balances Your Karma

The Violet Flame is a gift from Saint Germain. What is unique and special is that the violet flame can truly free you of the burden of your karma.

Saint Germain said, “The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet.”

Invoking this high-frequency spiritual energy can literally dissolve negative karmic patterns, help you gain self-mastery and free you from the rounds of rebirth. Of all the spiritual flames, the Violet Flame is closest in its action to the physical. It has the ability to penetrate and transform matter at atomic and subatomic levels.

How to Change Negative Karma

The Violet Flame has the ability to “transmute,” to alter, to change something into a higher form. It transmutes and frees you of negative karma, bad habits, addictions as well as negative ties to people, to emotions like fear and doubt, and every trait you would like to be rid of. The Violet Flame is called the cosmic eraser, because it erases the cause, effect, record and memory of negative karma.

The violet flame is intelligent and it only erases those patterns not in alignment with God which you surrender into this flame. So, what do you have to do to bring the violet flame into your life and make conscious use of it?

The best way is to call forth the Violet Flame through mantras, decrees and visualization.  When you give mantras or decrees, you intensify the Spirit of God in you.

The power of your word is the power to create.  This is called the Science of the Spoken Word. When you use the Science of the Spoken word, you harness God’s energy for positive change.

Once you begin to sound violet flame mantras, you discover it creates positive change at all levels of your being. The violet flame can free you to realize your highest potential.  The more you give violet flame mantras, the more you free yourself from limiting conditions.

How to Use the Violet Flame Daily

I AM a Being of  Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God Desires!

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