What is Returning Karma

Returning Karma – Why It Happens, What to Do About It

Understanding What is karma. . .
It is
All energy, thoughts, and feelings
going forth from you and me.
All The energy you send out follows. . .

The Law of the Circle

What is the law of the circle?
it means the energy (of love) goes forth from me
And it circles the entire earth
And it returns to me.

This circle is understanding what is karma.
Karma is your energy returning full circle to you.

As it makes this circle,
It gathers more of its kind.
Like vibrations accumulate.

When the energy (of love) returns to its point of origin,
It deposits within my heart
A momentum of love, of joy,
A happiness
A personal return of love
From loved ones or other people.

You find life is an investment.

Understanding what is karma helps you
make better investments of energy…

Life is an Investment in Cosmos

Cosmos always returns on your investment.
That is the great law Jesus taught in
His parable of the talents.

You must invest in life

Life Returns to you The Multiplication

Why? Because life is a teacher. . .

You have to learn whether you invested wisely,
You only learn by what returns to you.
By what comes back.

Suppose I take the energy in my heart
And I decide for very righteous reasons
I should be angry.
I might be angry at one person, 
at a group of people.
I might have anger as a hatred or
Prejudice against an entire group of people.

Now I am taking this crystal clear energy
Coming into my temple
But I am not allowing it to remain in balance
As Alpha and Omega or as the Christ.

Now I am putting a stamp of human discord on it.

So this energy leaves my heart
As a jagged, black lightning,
A very putrid color,
A vibration which is a perversion of love.

It goes forth from me.
It follows the same law.
It is multiplied by the Logos.
It expands, it increases and
It goes directly to the people
To whom I am sending it.

These people feel it.
They feel that anger and
They feel burdened, belittled, condemned by it.

This energy goes beyond them
Into all the world,
Circles the earth and gather more of its kind.
Then it returns to my heart with
A whump
Just like a hurricane,
Just like a cyclone.

This return could come as a headache.
It could come as financial ruin.
it could come as a serious accident
Or sudden death.
This return depends on the intensity and
prolongation of my feeding into the
Stream of God’s consciousness
this momentum of anger.

This is the point of reckoning.

This is The Point of Responsibility.

What do you do when
you reap what you have sown?

What do you do when an energy of discord hits you?

Do I cry out and curse God
because I don’t have the things of life my neighbor has
And demand the state feed me
Or demand my relatives take care of me?

You see the point.

You create yourself.
You create your environment,

But you don’t want to take responsibility.
You don’t want to say the diseases in your body temple are your fault
And now

You set about Righting All Wrongs By
Infusing Your Body with Harmony and with Light. . .

You infuse your body with light and harmony using violet flame.

You Transmute Karma with Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is a new dispensation for the Age of Aquarius.
To transmute  means “to change energy to a higher form.”
The violet flame is a special gift from the ascended master Saint Germain.

What is so unique and special is
Violet flame can truly free you of the burden of your karma.
Through the use of the Violet Flame,
you can make your own life better
And help others.

Helping others is another way to
transmute returning karma.
But it takes much longer than
Invoking violet fire as violet flame decrees.

The violet flame is the fastest way to balance your karma.
The Violet Flame has the ability to “transmute” or to alter –
to change something into a higher form.

Of all the spiritual flames,
the Violet Flame 
is closest
in vibratory action 
to the chemical elements and compounds
in the physical universe.

This special capability allows violet fire
to interpenetrate and transform matter
at atomic and subatomic levels.

When you choose to invoke this high-frequency spiritual energy
You use the science of the spoken word as decrees.
Violet flame decrees literally dissolve negative karmic patterns and
help you gain self-mastery, you master yourself. . .

When you are truly sorry for what you have done and
give violet flame decrees,
you are saturated with God’s forgiveness.

God is a living fire.
The violet flame is an intelligent violet fire.
It only erases. . .
– those patterns not in alignment with God’s plan for you and
– the energies you surrender to this transformative flame.

When you realize in truth

You are A Powerful Spiritual Being

You can vastly improve your own circumstances and the world around you.

You use the violet flame
to erase mistakes you’ve made in the past.
The violet flame can also transmute negative karma from past lives!

The violet flame may not be able to relieve all karma,
because you may need to experience
some of it for the sake of
learning lessons and 
growing spiritually.

So even with the diligent use of the violet flame,
you may need to go through chunks of returning karma.

The hopeful news is this may be mitigated or “token” karma.
Mitigation occurs when the full impact of karma
can be lessened
because of merit gained through service to life,
dedication to a spiritual path or
graces extended to your soul.

You may receive token karma
to balance what otherwise might have been
a more severe negative returning karma.

The Violet Flame is the cosmic eraser,
because it erases
the cause, effect, record and memory of bad karma
from your soul and world.

The violet flame is called the flame of freedom.
It can free you of negative karma,
bad habits and addictions as well as
negative ties to people, fear and doubt.
It can free you from every
negative emotion and trait you would like to be rid of.

However, you have to ask for it. . .

Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. (1978). Lecture “Stumping for Higher Consciousness”.