3 Reasons Why You Need to Give Violet Flame Decrees

What Is the Violet Flame?

The violet flame is the seventh-ray of the fire of God, and
the gift of spiritual alchemy from Saint Germain.

  • Violet flame decrees are an all-consuming spiritual fire.
  • The violet flame transmutes and consumes your past sins and
  • Your karma that is the record of and the penalty for sin.

The Violet Flame is the Gift of the Holy Spirit

from Saint Germain.  As Lord of the Seventh Ray and Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius, Saint Germain reintroduced the violet flame in the twentieth century.

The Violet Flame is a Tool for Self-Transformation

When you practice the alchemy of the Spirit you transform yourself into a more spiritual being, by becoming more loving, wise, compassionate, and by forgiving.

The Violet Flame will Transmute Negative Emotional and Mental Elements.

It has the unique ability to transform

  • fear into courage,
  • anxiety into peace and
  • hatred into love.

Today the Master Saint Germain’s students on every continent give gratitude to God for the joie de vivre and the positive spin they receive each time they give a violet flame decree.

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